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Who invented the menstrual cup?

The history of the first menstrual cup

To find out who invented the menstrual cup and its history, we will go back to the end of the 19th century , since it was around 1867 when the first accessories similar to the menstrual cup or that fulfilled the same function were seen.

However, it was not until 1930 that LJ Goddard introduced the first menstrual cup . A few years later, another woman, Leona Chalmers , an American actress, patented the “catamenial receiver” on August 3, 1937, made with rubber first and then vulcanized rubber.

who invented the menstrual cup Leona Chalmers

The menstrual cup was discreetly accepted and represented a revolution for better and worse. At that time it was related to a change in customs that society was not willing to admit. Genitals and menstruation, how barbaric it was to touch the blood with your own fingers! Does it sound familiar to you?

In addition, a doctor, Earle Haas, patented the tampon at that same time under a name that probably sounds familiar to you: Tampax . He was joined by the company Kimberly-Clark, which at that time, together with its friend Walt Disney , produced a documentary about menstruation that they distributed to all schools in the country. The marketing war was such that it ended up consolidating this alternative as the one preferred by women.

history tampax menstrual cup

The menstrual cup is back to stay

We already know when the menstrual cup was invented, but... what happened after? In the 60s, menstrual cups reappeared, but it was not until the 80s when they burst onto the scene, this time made of latex , much more comfortable than their predecessors.

In the 2000s, sales increased thanks to the birth of several brands and the change in women's mentality , they no longer cared about being in contact with their body and blood.

who invented leona chalmers menstrual cup

Illustration by Michelle Dersdepanian


Currently, we find menstrual cups in all colors, textures and sizes on the market. Women have taken a step forward and more and more of us dare to trust in the only alternative that respects our body . Let us always remember who invented the menstrual cup: thank you Leona for thinking of Eva!

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