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The solidarity menstrual cup that will change your menstruation

GlupCup! - Menstrual cup created in Spain

GlupCup is the best menstrual cup in Spain according to our clients for its solidarity project and for meeting better quality standards in its manufacturing.
Our menstrual cup is a container made of 100% medical silicone that is inserted into the vagina during your period to collect the menstrual flow inside. Thanks to its format, it generates a vacuum effect that allows the cup to adapt to the vaginal walls and remain completely immobile, allowing us freedom of up to 12 hours . It is reusable, meaning that with proper care it will last up to 10 years . It is the best alternative for your menstruation!

what is menstrual cup


Instructions for putting on the menstrual cup for the first time

Choose your menstrual cup size: we have two available!

To choose the size of your menstrual cup, you must look at two factors: whether or not you have had a vaginal birth and your age.
  • Size S: you have never had a vaginal birth and you are under 30 years old.
  • Size L: you have had a vaginal birth or you are over 30 years old.

Keep in mind that every woman is different and these general rules may not work for you. If you need more information, we will explain everything about GlupCup sizes! in this article .


Sterilize the menstrual cup before using it

To sterilize the menstrual cup, just leave it in boiling water for 3 - 5 minutes . You can do this in two ways: boil water in a saucepan with the cup inside, boil water and pour it into our sterilizer (you will find it in the GlupCup box!) with the cup inside or pour water into the sterilizer with the cup inside and put it in the microwave at maximum power. Never use the menstrual cup without first sterilizing it!
GlupCup! - Sterilize menstrual cup
Once you have done this, it is ready to be placed. Between changes during the menstrual cycle, you just have to rinse it with water and reinsert it. Once your period ends, you can sterilize it immediately or just before using it again the following month. Then, store it in our breathable fabric bag to keep it in good condition.

Fold, insert and place the menstrual cup correctly

To insert the menstrual cup into your vagina, simply fold it in one of the three ways we recommend below. To begin with, the best is “the rocket”, but “the crescent” is the one that will open the easiest inside you. If you want, you can moisten it so that it fits better.
GlupCup! - Fold menstrual cup
Use the posture with which you feel most comfortable (standing, sitting, squatting, etc.). Then, insert it until it is completely inside and run a finger along the vaginal walls to check that there are no folds and that it is well attached to them. If you notice that it is bent, you can turn it slightly to see if it swells and tighten the sides.
Remember that if the "tail" bothers you, you can cut it.
TIP!: Practice when you don't have your period. Unlike tampons, the cup does not absorb your vaginal fluid so you can use it whenever you want, whether you are menstruating or not, because it does not dry out the vagina. In fact, whenever you think you're going to get your period, you can get it before and you're safe.

Take out the menstrual cup carefully

Start by changing the cup every 4 hours, and depending on the day and the accumulated menstrual flow you will know how long you should wear it. You can change it in the morning and at night, but you should never wear it for more than 12 hours !

After 5 to 12 hours (depending on your menstrual flow), you will need to remove the cup. Get in a comfortable position, locate the tail and press the base of the cup to release the vacuum (little trick: push as if you want to pee). Keep it face up so nothing comes out and... that's it!

Then clean it and put it back on.

Frequently Asked Questions about the menstrual cup

What is the menstrual cup made of?

How many sizes are there?

How is the menstrual cup used?

How long can I wear it?

How do you clean the menstrual cup?

Between use and use it is not necessary to sterilize the cup; We will only do this at the end and beginning of each cycle. During your period, it is enough to rinse the cup well with water. To sterilize the cup, place it in boiling water for 3 minutes (it is also microwave safe).

How many years can it last?

The time will depend on the care you give it. If you preserve it correctly it can last up to 10 years!

Can I use it if I haven't gotten my period yet?

Yes, yes and a thousand times yes! The menstrual cup does not absorb your vaginal discharge or damage its walls, so you can wear it if you think it is going to go down.

Can I do sports with the menstrual cup in?

Of course! You won't notice the cup while doing any sport, or going out partying, or doing a handstand. In fact, the more sports you practice, the greater the strength of your vaginal walls.

Can I sleep with the menstrual cup?

Clear! In fact, it's one of the reasons it's so comfortable. The vacuum effect prevents leaks no matter what position you are in. Change it before and after sleeping and that's it.

Can I fly with the cup on?

Yes The vacuum effect is minimal and you can go around the world without a problem. The same goes for scuba diving, jump into the water!

Can I have sex with the cup on?

Colors to taste! Our recommendation is that, if there is penetration, you remove it; Otherwise no one will notice that you are wearing anything (forget about the tampon string). Of course, remember that the cup is not a contraceptive!

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