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The solidarity menstrual cup

Menstrual cup made of 100% medical silicone.

For every glass purchased, we donate another to a woman without resources. Start your new period with us!

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GlupCup Menstrual Cup!

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Friends Pack

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Frequent questions

What is the menstrual cup made of?

The menstrual cup is a container made of 100% medical silicone that is inserted into the vagina during your period to collect the menstrual flow inside. Thanks to its format, it generates a vacuum effect that allows the cup to adapt to the vaginal walls and remain completely immobile, allowing us freedom of up to 12 hours.

How many menstrual cup sizes are there?

We have two sizes available: the small size (size S) is blue and is indicated for women who have not had a vaginal birth and are under 30 years old; and the large size (size L) is pink and is for those who have had a vaginal birth or are over 30 years old. In addition, it has a 16mm handle to facilitate its removal (although you can cut it if you prefer!).

What is my menstrual cup size?

How is the menstrual cup used?

To insert the menstrual cup, fold it in the way that is most comfortable and easy for you. Then, insert it completely into your vagina and check that there are no folds. When 5 to 12 hours have passed (depending on your menstrual flow), get into a comfortable position, locate the handle and press the base of the cup to release the vacuum (little trick: push as if you wanted to pee). Keep it face up so nothing comes out and... that's it!

How to use the menstrual cup for the first time?

How long can I wear the menstrual cup?

Start by changing the cup every 4 hours, and depending on the day and the accumulated menstrual flow you will know how long you should wear it. You can change it in the morning and at night, but you should never wear it for more than 12 hours!

How do you clean the menstrual cup?

Between use and use it is not necessary to sterilize the cup; We will only do this at the end and beginning of each cycle. During your period, it is enough to rinse the cup well with water. To sterilize the cup, place it in boiling water for 3 minutes (it is also microwave safe).

How to clean the menstrual cup?

How many years can a menstrual cup last?

The time will depend on the care you give it. If you preserve it correctly it can last up to 10 years!

How many years does the menstrual cup last?

Can I use it if I haven't gotten my period yet?

Yes, yes and a thousand times yes! The menstrual cup does not absorb your vaginal discharge or damage its walls, so you can wear it if you think it is going to come down.

Can I use the menstrual cup without a period?

Can I do sports with the menstrual cup in?

Of course! You won't notice the cup while doing any sport, or going out partying, or doing a handstand. In fact, the more sports you practice, the greater the strength of your vaginal walls.

Can I use the menstrual cup for sports?

Can I sleep with the menstrual cup?

Clear! In fact, it's one of the reasons it's so comfortable. The vacuum effect prevents leaks no matter what position you are in. Change it before and after sleeping and that's it.

Can I sleep with the menstrual cup in?

Can I fly with a menstrual cup in?

Yes The vacuum effect is minimal and you can go around the world without a problem. The same goes for scuba diving, jump into the water!

Can I have sex with a menstrual cup in?

Colors to taste! Our recommendation is that, if there is penetration, you remove it; Otherwise no one will notice that you are wearing anything (forget about the tampon string). Of course, remember that the cup is not a contraceptive!

Can I have sex with a menstrual cup in?

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tienda online copa menstrual

GlupCup Menstrual Cup!

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GlupCup Pack!

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Friends Pack

Friends Pack

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