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This is what women who have tried our menstrual cup think

Manuela Solis

I love GlupCup! Since I tried it, I want my friends to switch to menstrual cups. I think it is fantastic that there are projects like this that encourage changing menstruation habits and at the same time support charitable causes such as cup donations. Thank you :)

Blanca Nieto

I already used a menstrual cup, but it always leaked and I wanted to change brands. When I read the social part of GlupCup! I didn't doubt it. I was amazed by the change! It opens easily (I even hear the vacuum effect), I have no leaks and I don't notice any discomfort. I use the small size and it lasts 12 hours.

Ana Calvo

There are so many brands that it was difficult for me to decide, but the design and proximity of GlupCup! I liked them so much that I ended up buying my glass online. They include a manual with all the information you need if you have never used a menstrual cup. And the idea of ​​donation seems very appropriate to me.

Sara Rubio

I was very excited to collaborate with this project, I think we needed an initiative like this! The cup is very comfortable, it includes everything you need to wash and store it. I found the manual very interesting and I have already passed it on to my friends so that they can also take the step to GlupCup!

Monica Delgado

I bought size L and I have no complaints. I do sports with it, I sleep perfectly and it is very comfortable for traveling. Furthermore, if you have any questions, they answer them very quickly by email. For all those girls and women who do not have all the information and facilities that we do. Buy GlupCup!

Euri Marqués

I bought the "friends pack" and we are in love, I don't know how it took us so long to discover this great invention. At first it takes a little getting used to, but after a few rules we have become experts. We can't stop recommending GlupCup! to all the girls. I hope everyone uses the cup!

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