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Can I have sex with a menstrual cup in?

The menstrual cup is here to stay, even when having sex ! Finally we get rid of the embarrassment of bad smell, the dangling tail of the tampon or the blood stains in our groin because of the pads. With the cup, no one will notice that you are on your period and you will be able to enjoy oral sex like you have never done before.

Sex is the best pain reliever during your period

How many times have you had to resort to ibuprofen to relieve pain during your period? Did you know that sexual pleasure is the best pain reliever of all? And the healthiest! As you hear it, sex eliminates headaches, ovarian pain and even a bad mood.

During the menstrual period, our hormone levels are very high and this can affect us for better or worse depending on the woman. Some feel great pain and low self-esteem, while others have great sensitivity in their body and greater libido. Be that as it may, our solution in both cases is the same: have sex during your period!

When we have sexual relations and feel pleasure, we release endorphins , the natural analgesic that our body produces and frees us from pain to provide us with well-being. Thanks to them we reduce inflammation, release tension, relax and reduce pain such as menstrual cramps that affects so many women.

By the way, pleasure is enhanced even more during orgasms . A greater number of endorphins are released and the pleasure is multiplied. This means that masturbation during menstruation can give you a lot of relief.

sex with the menstrual cup on

Having sex with a menstrual cup on

Yes, having good sex with a menstrual cup in is possible . We talk about good sex because penetration does not necessarily have to occur, sex also includes masturbation and it is in this case that we can use the menstrual cup.

When we have the menstrual cup in, we should not have penetrative sexual relations . First of all, because it will be very annoying for you and, if there is one, for your playmate. The cup occupies a large part of your vagina, and when you push it up you will notice great discomfort.

Furthermore, if you know how a menstrual cup works, you will know that when the vacuum is released, blood can leak out and this is very easy to happen if we introduce an external element that presses the cup. Imagine the situation!

So how can I have sex with a menstrual cup in? The time has come to encourage masturbation, not everything is penetration! Clitoral arousal is the best option and if you can count on someone to practice oral sex with, all the better. Your vaginal lips will be cleaner than ever and no element will protrude from them that could bother you or your partner.

If you prefer penetrative sex , you will only have to remove the menstrual cup, rinse it with cool water and store it in your GlupCup cloth bag. Forget about looking for a trash can to throw your tampon or pad in and having to rinse the area, that's a thing of the past. When you're done, just put it back on and that's it.

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    Having sexual relations with your period

    As we told you before, the menstrual cup is the most hygienic and comfortable alternative even for having sex during your period. When it comes time to take it off, you don't generate waste that forces you to look for a place to throw it away... and we all know that if there is no trust, it's a bit embarrassing!

    We always recommend that you use the shower or put a towel on the bed to control the natural flow of blood, but the most important thing is to enjoy!

    Remember that the menstrual cup is not a contraceptive method nor does it prevent sexually transmitted diseases , but it is compatible with the usual conceptive methods. We tell you everything here !

    fuck with the menstrual cup

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    The menstrual cup is not a contraceptive method
    The menstrual cup is not a contraceptive method
    Why can't we use the menstrual cup as a contraceptive method?: it does not prevent pregnancy or possible sexually transm

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