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How to change the menstrual cup in a public bathroom?

How to change the menstrual cup in a public bathroom?

If you don't know how to change your menstrual cup in a public bathroom, it can be a drama. In fact, this has been one of the questions that we have been asked the most when explaining how to clean the menstrual cup : “but… how am I going to change the menstrual cup outside the home?! ”. Don't panic, today we are going to show you our best tricks so that you feel as comfortable outside the home as in your own bathroom.

First tip: get used to using the menstrual cup

Before jumping into the unknown, practice a lot at home . If you think you have not yet mastered the use of a menstrual cup, it is best to wait about three or four periods to feel comfortable outside the home. If you don't take that adaptation period, you will get nervous and you will have a bad time in a bathroom that is not yours.

To achieve this, we recommend reading about how to use the menstrual cup for the first time .

Second tip: control how often I change my menstrual cup

Remember that you can wear the menstrual cup for a maximum of 12 hours , this gives us a margin of a whole day with it inside without changes. If you put it on just before leaving the house at 8 in the morning, for example, it will last until 8 in the afternoon without problems.

Third tip: enter public bathrooms with a sink included

In many workplaces, restaurants or shops we can find toilets with a sink inside. If you can, use them during your period if you think you need to change your menstrual cup.

menstrual cup public bathroom

Fourth tip: always carry the “survival kit”

If you have no choice but to change your menstrual cup outside the home, you are going to have to get some items that will make things much easier for you.

Try to always carry a bottle of water with you, it will be a substitute for the sink when we don't have one on hand. If you are going to be in a place where they do not allow entry with bottles from outside (a nightclub, a cinema, a festival...), always carry with you a small package of intimate wipes or cleenex <s/pan>. All of this It will help when cleaning our menstrual cup and being able to put it back on like new. You should always try to insert the cup without traces of blood , but if this ever happens, don't worry.

The steps to change the menstrual cup with these elements would be as follows:
  1. Wash your hands before entering the bathroom and try not to touch anything afterwards, ideally you would use a bit of paper to open the door.
  2. Remove the menstrual cup, empty it into the toilet and rinse it with the water from your bottle. If you don't have a bottle, use the intimate wipe or cleenex .
  3. Put the cup back on, many find it easier to do so with it wet.
  4. Try not to touch anything and wash your hands again.

The importance of drinking water: remember that the menstrual cup should always be washed with drinking water. If you don't have access to it, boil water and let it cool before using it to clean your glass.

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