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How many years does the menstrual cup last?

The menstrual cup lasts as many years as you are willing to take good care of it. You can use it for 10 years in perfect condition ! Do you want to know how to make your glass last a long time? We are going to give you the best advice so that you don't have to change to another one.

The quality of the menstrual cup

Yes, quality matters a lot. A menstrual cup made of 100% medical silicone , like our GlupCup menstrual cup! , lasts longer than a menstrual cup that contains other materials or chemical components. Latex or plastic, in addition to causing allergies, requires other types of maintenance and does not guarantee its durability.

Make sure the cup you buy is quality. Follow our advice if you still don't know where to buy your menstrual cup .

Clean the menstrual cup well

It is the most important point to ensure that your menstrual cup lasts for many years. Keep in mind that your menstrual blood contains high amounts of iron and pigments the cup over time, causing it to turn brown . This doesn't mean you can't still use your cup!

You can use your menstrual cup for 10 years if you always follow these tips:

Boil and sterilize the menstrual cup : in GlupCup! We always include a foldable sterilizer to boil the cup (it is also microwave safe, but always without a lid).

Wash the menstrual cup during your period : during the cycle, between each use, just empty it and rinse it with cool water. That easy!
Remove the brown color from the menstrual cup : if you want your cup to recover its initial color, leave it overnight in a glass with hydrogen peroxide, you will see how it looks like it was just purchased! Of course, do this only once a year if you don't want your glass to spoil.

Clean the holes of the menstrual cup : you can use an interdental cleaner once a month.

    Do you want more tips? Learn how to clean the menstrual cup !

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    Store the menstrual cup well

    In addition to the foldable sterilizer, perfect for travel, we also include a cloth bag in all our packs. It is perfect for storing the menstrual cup when you do not have to use it, since being breathable it respects the material when in contact with the outside in perfect condition.

    Use the menstrual cup correctly

    The last thing you need to know so that your menstrual cup can last a long time is to use it well. Do not wear it for more than 12 hours , do not leave it boiling for more than 3-5 minutes , do not put it in hydrogen peroxide more than once a year , store it in a breathable cloth bag, etc.

    If you follow all our advice, your glass will be your greatest ally for many, many years!

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