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Can the menstrual cup stay inside?

No, your menstrual cup cannot stay inside you and disappear. It is impossible! The cup is a perfect alternative during our menstrual hygiene, among other things, because it takes away the fear that we had as standard with tampons. We are going to explain to you the reasons why the cup will never get stuck inside you.

Understand your body: the cup cannot be lost inside

If you have learned how to insert your menstrual cup , you will understand a little better what is "inside you." You know that your cup will place itself in your vagina when you put it on because of the natural movements you make during your day to day life. When walking, sleeping, playing sports... you are exerting a movement on your pelvic floor that contracts the vagina and causes the cup to rise until it hits your cervix .

This is the most important element to understand how far our menstrual cup will fit. There are women for whom the cup is very close to the vaginal lips and they have to cut the tail so as not to grind them. However, for others it is difficult to reach their tails to remove the cup because they have it too high up. Why does this happen?

This post is dedicated above all to those women whose cup rises so high that they have difficulty reaching it, don't worry because the menstrual cup cannot be lost inside! The cervix is ​​the element that will mark the height to which the cup will reach. It is something like the "limit" or "top" that makes your vagina more or less deep and, therefore, the cup rises more or less.

Can the menstrual cup stay inside? (cervix height)

In this drawing you can see that the height of the cervix will depend on each woman and the state of ovulation in which she is. That's why it varies from woman to woman and, for those who have it higher, it can be frustrating to access the cup when they want to remove it.

To avoid having bad times, the first thing is to find the appropriate size of menstrual cup. There is the option that you buy a size smaller than you should and go up until it stops with your cervix. Find out first about the menstrual cup size that corresponds to you.

However, losing it inside is impossible , nothing can pass through the cervix, only menstrual flow (which will fall into our cup) and semen. In another post we will talk about the cervix and how it can affect the menstrual cup, but the important thing is that you know how to remove the cup because it always (always!) comes out even if it gets stuck.

Menstrual Cup Vs Tampon

But then, if there is a limit, why do many women go to the emergency room because they can't find the tampon they inserted a few hours earlier? As you already know, one of the problems with tampons is that you can forget that you're wearing it (it's happened to all of us!). And that makes us put in a tampon when we already had another one inside , pushing the first one up.

When this happens, the first tampon gets "stuck" between the vagina and the side of our cervix. As we said, the cervix serves as a stop for the cup, but around it there is a small gap through which a tampon that has been pressed can fit. Look at the image :

Can the menstrual cup stay inside? (shape of the cervix)


The only way to remove the tampon is to go to the emergency room as soon as possible to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome . This is a very serious but rare infection caused by two types of bacteria: staphylococcus aureus (or staphylococcus) and streptococcus pyogenes (or streptococcus). It usually occurs when they penetrate open areas of the skin (cuts, wounds, blisters...) converted into toxins and we do not have antibodies to combat them.

Originally, TSS has been linked to the use of tampons as the vagina is the most absorbent part of our body . There have been cases of deaths and amputations, such as those of the model Lauren Wasser, after misuse of the tampon (using more absorption than necessary, wearing it for more than 4 hours, inserting a tampon while carrying another inside...).

Luckily, changing habits and alternatives such as the menstrual cup have helped reduce cases of TSS. Although they can appear in both men and women and for different reasons, menstruation has always been the main risk factor .

Remember that you must wear the menstrual cup for a maximum of 12 hours . If you think you won't be able to change your cup after 12 hours, don't wait too long. Plan your routine to change it beforehand... you can take it out and put it back in as many times as you want throughout the day!

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