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The only solidarity menstrual cup in Spain

The only solidarity menstrual cup in Spain

GlupCup was born with one goal: to be the only solidarity menstrual cup in Spain that offered real equality to all women in the world. But how do we do it? Every time a woman like you buys one of our menstrual cups, we donate another one to a woman without resources . This means that 50% of our menstrual cup production goes to women who cannot afford access to a cup.

Why another brand of menstrual cups in Spain?

In Spain there are very few brands of menstrual cups that are Spanish . The majority of brands that you see in pharmacies or online stores are foreign or they reach agreements with brands from other countries to market them in Spain. It was then that we realized that these brands did not know how to convince women because the menstrual cup was shown as just another product. We needed to share with them how wonderful she was!

That was the first step to create a Spanish menstrual cup brand focused on our lifestyle . At GlupCup we know what worries women and that is why we accompany each and every one of our users in the adaptation process from the moment they buy our menstrual cup. We already explained in another post that buying a menstrual cup in a pharmacy is not the same as in an online store like ours.

solidarity menstrual cup Spain

So if you are already determined tobuy your menstrual cup and you don't know which one to choose, keep reading because the best part is coming!

The Spanish solidarity menstrual cup

As we told you at the beginning, when creating GlupCup we did not want to be just another Spanish menstrual cup brand. If we were going to change women's menstrual hygiene , it was only fair to do so at all levels. After doing many, many numbers, we decided that half of our production would go to the donation of menstrual cups.

When a woman bought one of our menstrual cups, we would donate another one to a woman without resources. But why do we donate menstrual cups?

  • All women menstruate, regardless of the social class to which we belong.
  • We prefer to invest half of our income to give value to our message.
  • We want equal opportunities for all menstruating women in Spain and abroad.
  • We offer menstrual education workshops to accompany these donations.
  • We promote solidarity between women, connecting our users with the women who receive their donations.

For these and many more reasons we have created the GlupCup Solidarity Project through which we donate hundreds of menstrual cups every year to different associations and non-profit organizations.

These are some photos of our first donations in Spain and Africa!

donation menstrual cups Spanish Africa GlupCup menstrual cup donation

"The best menstrual cup in Spain"

We don't say it, our clients say it and you can see all their opinions on each of our products . They had no hesitation when it came to changing their old menstrual cup for a new one or to take the step and buy their first menstrual cup. They chose us among all the brands of menstrual cups sold in Spain and they were right!

Our Solidarity Project makes a difference, it makes us the only solidarity menstrual cup in Spain and that makes it clear to them where to buy their menstrual cup .

If you already have your cup, you can buy the solidarity menstrual cup . And you, are you already clear?

Do you dare to switch to the menstrual cup? We have a 5% DISCOUNT for you!





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