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Can I use the menstrual cup after childbirth?

Of course! You can use the menstrual cup after childbirth , but you must keep some recommendations in mind. Don't forget that your body has undergone many hormonal and physical changes that will have important consequences, so we are going to analyze and translate them so that you can adapt to your menstrual cup again without problems.

First of all, consult your doctor and follow the recommendations he gives you. Each woman is different and our advice is adapted to a postpartum without complications , so it is important that you are aware of your limitations.

Do I have to change the size of my menstrual cup after giving birth?

If you were under 30 years old before experiencing the birth of your baby, you will need to change the size of your menstrual cup. Otherwise you can continue using size L. This is the first thing we explain when choosing the size of your menstrual cup . At the end of this post you will find a discount so you can buy yours!

As you can see, we make differences between the type of birth , since you have been able to experience a cesarean birth without dilation that does not greatly affect your vagina. However, hormonal changes and possible surgical help you have undergone will cause your pelvic floor to weaken as well. This means that, whatever the case, size L will be the one that best suits all women after giving birth.

Can I use the cup for postpartum bleeding?

It is not the most recommended and we do not advise it for a simple reason: you will have internal wounds and inflammation that will cause you a lot of discomfort when you introduce any element into your vagina, including the menstrual cup.

After giving birth, your body will enter the postpartum phase known as the puerperium , in which the uterus begins to recover. During the first 5 - 15 days , the placenta, which has detached from the uterus after childbirth, allows a large amount of blood to flow, which will gradually decrease. This not only happens after vaginal births, it also happens after a cesarean section.

For this bleeding, it is best to use the sanitary pads that your doctor will prescribe, unscented and made of 100% cotton so that the vaginal pH is protected. It is important that you respect the quarantine so that your vagina recovers correctly.

How long do I have to wait to use the menstrual cup again after giving birth?

Once again, this will depend on each woman and her hormonal regulation. Breastfeeding has a lot to do with it, since prolactin suppresses ovulation and, in many cases, menstruation. You can go up to a year without menstruation, although this does not mean that you cannot get pregnant again!

If, on the other hand, you have opted for artificial breastfeeding from the beginning or at some point while raising your baby, you will notice how menstruation and its symptoms return sooner. This means... it's time to use the menstrual cup again!

If you are using the menstrual cup for the first time, don't worry, it's the best time! You will understand how it works and how, no matter what movement you make, you stop noticing that you have something inside you. You may suffer some leaks the first few times, but here we give you all the tips to avoid leaks from your glass .

Keep in mind that a quality menstrual cup , like the GlupCup , is made from 100% medical silicone. This means that it respects your body and does not affect your vaginal flora, so it is neither dry nor irritating . This is what happened to one of our clients, who tells us her opinion of using the menstrual cup after giving birth:

menstrual cup childbirth

"My first experience with the cup was two years ago and it was average. After a pregnancy, a birth that left me with a painful vaginal contracture and more than a year without menstruating yesterday, I finally tried my GlupCup L cup. I was afraid of the inserting it, not having it open, having made a mistake with the size... and everything has gone better than perfect. Easy, very comfortable... all my fears have gone away in one fell swoop and I have even forgotten that I had my period! WONDERFUL, I have reconciled with my period and my body." - Fragment of Ana B.'s testimony about GlupCup!

If you already used the menstrual cup before giving birth, take into account all the changes that your body has undergone : 9 months without bleeding, dilation and loss of strength in the vaginal walls, possible wounds... Give yourself time to use it again. adapt to the use of the menstrual cup.

Take your time to reconnect with your body and your vagina. We always recommend that, just like the first times, you use a mirror to observe your vulva and the possible changes it has undergone. If you feel pain, use perineal massages that helped you with the elasticity of your vagina before childbirth.

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    How many years does the menstrual cup last?
    How many years does the menstrual cup last?
    The menstrual cup lasts up to 10 years! We give you the best tricks to be able to use it for so long.
    Can I sleep with the menstrual cup in?
    Can I sleep with the menstrual cup in?
    Yes, you can sleep with the menstrual cup in without worries. It adapts perfectly to your vaginal walls!
    Can the menstrual cup stay inside?
    Can the menstrual cup stay inside?
    No, your menstrual cup cannot stay inside you and disappear. It is impossible! We tell you how to prevent it from gettin


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