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How to remove the menstrual cup?

Removing the menstrual cup can be the most complicated step for many women. While some find the process of placing the cup more difficult, others find it very difficult to remove it the first time. But as always... everything has a solution!

Today we are going to see the reasons why it may be more or less difficult for you to remove the menstrual cup and the best tips to stop that moment from distressing you. By the way, this is also a matter of patience and practice . We know that we are very heavy on the topic of practice, but we assure you that by the third rule you will have mastered it.

I can't reach the cup

Without a doubt this is the number one problem of many and it has directly to do with the "shape" of our body. Specifically, the depth of our vagina .

So that we understand each other, our vagina can be more or less deep depending on our cervix . This is the lower part of our uterus that, through its opening, allows sperm to enter and our menstrual blood to leave. So that we understand each other, it is what will make the "stop" in our vagina so that any element can enter it (an erotic toy, the penis, the menstrual cup...)

There are women whose cervix is ​​higher and others lower. That is why some people find the stem of the cup bothered by having it lower, but the real problem comes when it is so high that the cup is placed too high . It doesn't matter if we place the cup lower, as long as we live our normal lives, it will attach itself and raise as much as it can to remain well supported.

If this is your case, don't be scared and keep reading! It is impossible for the cup to be lost inside you.

menstrual cup how to remove high cervix

Choose a comfortable position to remove the cup

We have to encourage the release of the menstrual cup and to do so we have to choose a good posture, especially the first times when we are not so familiar with the process.

From GlupCup! We are going to advise you two: squatting is the easiest, since we are naturally going to encourage our muscles to press the cup outwards and we can remove it correctly; and with one leg raised on the toilet bowl we will also get the cup to come out easily without hurting ourselves.

If we remain in more difficult positions such as lying down, for example, our muscles will not help us and the cup's position will not be affected. Another tip is to wait a little after waking up to remove the cup, since it will be very high and we have to wait for it to go down a little due to the weight of the blood .

Tighten the muscles and locate the corner of the cup

For those of you who have a very high cervix and cannot reach the cup, it is essential that you do not cut the tail . This will help you locate the cup and lose the fear of it disappearing inside you (which is impossible, by the way).

The trick to finding it is always to press as if we wanted to pee or poop. In this way we are going to contract the vaginal muscles and these will make the cup go down quite a bit.

It is at that moment when we have to locate the stick and raise our fingers to the base of the glass to squeeze it and undo the vacuum. If we are not able to reach the base, we can pull VERY LITTLE on the tail to help the cup go down.

glupcup solidarity project

Undo the vacuum and remove the cup

To remove the menstrual cup, we must firmly squeeze the base of the cup and remove it diagonally . This means that we do not have to take it out completely vertically, because our vagina is slightly inclined backwards and we will hurt ourselves if we do not respect it.

Another option is to insert a single finger and press the cup on one of the sides towards the inside to break the vacuum and make it easier for us to hold it.

Be that as it may, be careful when removing it so as not to stain yourself.

Do not wait for the cup to fill completely

We always say how important it is to know our bleeding and the amount day by day. The idea is to remove the cup when it is about three-quarters full at most, since when you squeeze the base the blood will rise and may overflow.

Another thing that usually happens is that blood clots remain attached between the cup and our lips, so we must be very careful when removing the cup so as not to get stained with them. It is best to have toilet paper on hand to hold those trickles of blood.

full menstrual cup

Practice, practice, practice

It is difficult for all of us to remove the cup the first few times, but most of you write to us again to tell us that after two or three bad moments you have gotten the hang of your body. Trust yourself, breathe deeply and don't be in a hurry.

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