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Can I sleep with the menstrual cup in?

Yes, you can sleep with the menstrual cup in without worries. It adapts perfectly to your vaginal walls, so you won't stain even if you're lying down. It's great!

Forget about taking out your tampon every three or four hours for fear of suffering from the dreaded Toxic Shock Syndrome; and stay so that the blood does not slide down the compress and end up on the sheets.

The only thing you should keep in mind to avoid scares are the following tricks , but we bet you already know them all!

Make sure you place the menstrual cup correctly before going to sleep with it on.

Putting on the menstrual cup is very easy after a couple of months of practice , so when you have mastered it, dare to sleep with it on. You will notice the difference!

To know if you have the cup positioned correctly, I recommend that you read our post on how to use the menstrual cup for the first time . It is important that you check carefully that it remains stationary and does not move. Keep in mind that the cup will always tend to stick to your vaginal walls and ascend through your vagina to collect your menstrual flow.

But what if I move a lot while I sleep? Don't worry, you can do the somersault if you want so that the cup won't move from its place . No matter how nervous we are at bedtime, the vacuum generated by the cup will not allow even a drop of blood to come out.

If you notice that you are leaking or that you have stained your panties, it is because something is wrong. Check our post to avoid leaks and check that you have the correct cup size .

menstrual cup childbirth

You should not wear the menstrual cup for more than 12 hours

It is very important that you carefully measure the times and times you should change your menstrual cup if you have heavy bleeding . The first few days, you will probably have to change the cup every few hours and the last few days you can wear it for up to 12 hours.

The same thing happens while we sleep, if you are in the first days and you know that every four hours you must empty the cup, set an alarm. That's why we advise you to put the drink on as soon as you go to sleep, this way you will extend your sleep longer. Of course, remember that no matter what happens you should not wear it for more than 12 hours !

But the most important thing is that you sleep peacefully knowing that the cup will not get lost inside you and that you can laze in bed as much as you want.

Try not to take out the menstrual cup as soon as you wake up

It is common for us to try to remove the menstrual cup as soon as we get up and have trouble accessing it. If you can't locate the tail, it usually happens especially in women with a very high cervix, don't get nervous .

Walk, prepare breakfast and live a normal life to promote the movement of your vaginal muscles. The weight of the blood in the cup will also help it to go down a little and make it easier for you to remove it after a few minutes.


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