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How to insert the menstrual cup the first time

How to insert the menstrual cup the first time

The moment has arrived that causes the most fear, nerves and insecurity in all of us: how to insert the menstrual cup the first time and without dying trying? First of all, you should know that the first time will not be easy , you are going to place a menstrual cup inside you and the sensation is not familiar at all, so give yourself your time.

The best trick to insert the menstrual cup the first time you use it CHow to insert the menstrual cup the first time

The first thing you have to do before putting on the cup is… be relaxed! As we always say, the muscles of our vagina are very strong and if we are nervous, they contract and block. Being aware of this will help you know when is the best time to insert the menstrual cup.

To gain confidence, we recommend that the first times you are going to use the menstrual cup you always do it at home, without anyone to bother you and with enough time to practice. In fact, the best trick to insert the menstrual cup the first time is to do it when you don't have your period (in this post we explain why). In fact, whenever you think you're going to get your period, you can put it on and you're safe.

how to place the menstrual cup


How do you place the menstrual cup?

To place the menstrual cup correctly you have to follow these tips, we promise that if you follow them, you will not have any problems.

  1. Moisten the menstrual cup with warm water, this way it will slide better and you can insert it into your vagina more easily.
  2. Get into a comfortable position : standing, sitting, squatting, with one leg higher, lying down... We always recommend that you stand with your legs wide open and bend your knees a little (if you have peed in the bathroom from a disco you know what I mean!).
  3. Fold the menstrual cup in one of the ways we show you in the following image or in this post . For the first few times, the best way to fold the menstrual cup is “the rocket”, but the “half-moon” is the one that opens best once it is inside the vagina. They are the most common, but if you have another that works better for you, go ahead.
  4. Insert the menstrual cup inside your vagina, opening your lips with your other hand so that the cup is placed more easily. Once you have inserted the first half of the cup, lower your fingers through it a little and push the rest until it is completely inside you.
  5. Check that it is correctly positioned by running a finger around the menstrual cup, there should be no bent sides. If the menstrual cup is folded inside your vagina, move the base of the cup in circles until it is fixed or press the cup with a finger on the opposite side of the fold.
  6. Do three squats and walk , it always works for me so that the cup places itself at the corresponding height, so I take advantage and burn some calories!
  7. Practice, practice and more practice . As I told you, if it doesn't place well the first time it will do so the second time. Every time you try you will learn something new about your body and its needs.

fold and place the menstrual cup


But how do you know if the menstrual cup is placed correctly?

Let's imagine that you have followed all our advice to put on the menstrual cup the first time; You feel it is well placed but you don't know for sure . What to do to know if the menstrual cup is correctly inserted?

You will have the menstrual cup well placed if you do not notice discomfort inside the vagina or on the vaginal lips, but especially if you do not have leaks after several hours with it in place.

If any of this happens it is because the menstrual cup is incorrectly placed and you will have to see where you could have gone wrong.

  • If you notice discomfort when walking , try inserting it a little further so that your vaginal walls can collect it better and adapt to it.
  • If the tail of the menstrual cup bothers your vaginal lips, you can cut it. This little tail only serves to give some peace of mind to women who think that the cup will get lost inside them and, as we already explained in the post, it is totally impossible.
  • If you have leaks , in this post we teach you how to make them disappear. You will have to check that you are wearing the correct size, try different positions to position it or bend it in a different way.

Why doesn't the menstrual cup open?

Normally we all need about three months of adaptation until the menstrual cup becomes our best friend. However, the worst time we have is when we try to open the menstrual cup inside our vagina.

You will surely be interested in reading our post on how to use your menstrual cup for the first time to see the previous steps you should take before putting it in.

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