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What is my menstrual cup size?

How do I know what my menstrual cup size is?

Menstrual cup size is easier to choose than you think! Ignorance often causes women to think that the size depends on the amount of bleeding, for example. Far from reality, we are going to show you how with two simple questions we will solve all your doubts.

To begin with, you should know that each woman and each vagina are different, even if there is a general rule that works 90%, you can be the exception. Follow our advice, but don't get frustrated if something doesn't go well because another option may work better for your case.

At GlupCup! We have two sizes, a blue size S ( small ) and a pink L size ( large ). Let's see its measurements expressed in millimeters:

What is my menstrual cup size?

As you will see, the main difference lies in the diameter and height . This is because, as you will read later, the strength of your vaginal walls to hold the cup will be the key when selecting the one that best suits you. Now it is time to choose "the size of my menstrual cup" and to do so we are going to look at two things.

Small size (S): blue

The main rule that will make us choose one size or another is the fact of having given birth. If you have never had a vaginal birth or have had a cesarean birth without dilation, size S will correspond to you. The same will apply to your age, if you are under 30 years old , your size is small.

This means that, even if you have heavy bleeding , your size will still be small. The solution in this case will be change your menstrual cup more often. The ideal is that at first you change the cup every three hours and measure the amount of bleeding until you find your time. You'll be surprised to see how little you bleed compared to what you saw with tampons!

If you are a virgin and have never had sexual relations, you can also use the small size of our menstrual cup. It will take you a little longer to adapt and it may shock you a little if you have never used tampons, but it is the best way to have a healthy vagina.

Check out our tips for use the menstrual cup for the first time .

glupcup size s small

Large size (L ): pink

If you have had a vaginal birth , your vaginal canal will have been affected and will have widened, so you have to buy or change to size L. You will see how it adapts perfectly to your vagina without discomfort. Of course, if you have just given birth, consult with your doctor to tell you from what date you can start using the cup.

Check out our tips for Use size L menstrual cup after childbirth .

glupcup size L large

What size menstrual cup should I use if I'm 30 years old?

Yes, age matters too. When we pass our thirties, the elasticity of our vaginal muscles changes. This means that, whether or not you have had a vaginal birth, from the age of 30 it is recommended to use size L in your menstrual cup.

As we said before, each woman is different, so we recommend that you buy the GlupCup Pack! with both sizes and see which one suits you best (there are very athletic 34-year-old women who can continue using the small size). In addition, looking to the future you are guaranteed to continue using your menstrual cup for the next 10 years without having to invest in a new one.

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Remember that our advice is intended for women with a healthy vagina, who have not had serious health problems and who have flexibility in the vaginal walls characteristic of their age. If you follow our tips to choose the correct menstrual cup size, your vagina will adapt perfectly to the menstrual cup.

In specific cases, such as very athletic women, who practice yoga/Pilates and strengthen their pelvic floor daily, it is usually recommended that they use size S. In this case, they have strong vaginal walls capable of holding a small menstrual cup regardless of age. Because yes, you can do sports with the menstrual cup on !

If you have any health problem, it is best to consult your trusted gynecologist and have a professional assess the use and which size of menstrual cup is best for you.

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