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How to use the menstrual cup for the first time?

Many of you are going to start using the menstrual cup for the first time with GlupCup! and we couldn't be more grateful. It is a great step for all women who have been living with the stereotypes of menstruation for so many years, but we finally have before us an alternative that takes care of us and the planet.

We know that you have many questions, most of them are resolved in the GlupCup user manual! which we give you along with the glass when you buy it. However, we want you to be completely calm and determined when you are going to use it for the first time, so we are going to review the most important doubts so that your first time with the menstrual cup is a breeze.

using small menstrual cup for the first time

How do you know what size menstrual cup to use?

The main reasons that will make us choose one menstrual cup or another is the fact of age and having had a vaginal birth . If you are under 30 years old and have never had a vaginal birth, size S will fit you. Otherwise, if you are over 30 or have had a vaginal birth, it will be size L.

This means that even if you have heavy bleeding , your size will still be small. The solution in this case will be to change your menstrual cup more often . The ideal is that at first you change the cup every three hours and measure the amount of bleeding until you find your time. You'll be surprised to see how little you bleed compared to what you saw with tampons!

If you still have doubts, take a look at our post on what size menstrual cup to choose .

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How to sterilize the menstrual cup?

The time has come to use the menstrual cup for the first time, but first we must know how to clean it. To sterilize the menstrual cup, just leave it in boiling water for 3 - 5 minutes . To do this, you can use our foldable sterilizer (it is included in the GlupCup box when you make your purchase and you can put it in the microwave). Never use the menstrual cup without first sterilizing it!

Once you have done this, it is ready to be placed. Between changes during the menstrual cycle, you just have to rinse it with water and reinsert it . Once your period ends, you can sterilize it immediately or just before using it again a month later. This means that you will only have to sterilize it once between cycles (once a month).

Take a look at our post on how to clean the menstrual cup .


sterilize menstrual cup put first time

How to put the menstrual cup in for the first time?

Practice, practice and more practice.

Our advice for inserting the menstrual cup for the first time is that you do it when you don't have your period (yes, there is a post about this!). Unlike tampons, the cup is made of 100% medical silicone, which means that it does not absorb your vaginal fluid , so you can use it whenever you want, whether you have your period or not, because it does not dry out the vagina. In fact, whenever you think you're going to get your period, you can put it on and you're safe.

To the point, to place the menstrual cup in your vagina, just fold it in one of the three ways that we recommend in this post. To begin with, the best is “the rocket”, but “the crescent” is the one that opens the easiest inside you. If you want, moisten it so that it enters better.

Use the posture with which you feel most comfortable (standing, sitting, squatting, etc.). Then, insert it until it is completely inside and run a finger along the vaginal walls to check that there are no folds and that it is well attached to them. You can also twist it slightly to see if it swells and stays firmly in place.

Very important girls! It's our body and we're going to have to put our fingers in it and get a little dirty if we want the cup to work well. Touch yourself, know yourself and love yourself!

fold menstrual cup use first time

How do I know when I have to remove my menstrual cup?

Start by changing the cup every 4 hours and depending on the day and the accumulated menstrual flow you will know how long you should wear it. This is very important to not have blood leaks. You can change it in the morning and at night, but you should never wear it for more than 12 hours !

After 5 to 12 hours (depending on your menstrual flow), you will need to remove the cup. Get in a comfortable position, locate the handle and press the base of the cup to release the vacuum (little trick: push as if you want to pee). Keep it face up so nothing comes out and... that's it! Wasn't it so difficult?

The first few times, try to do all this in the shower to feel safer and check that nothing gets on the floor. If you have difficulty removing it, relax because it is It is impossible for it to be lost within you.

Then clean it and put it back on. Do you remember when you tried the tampon and you were desperate? With the cup you will have to have the same patience; Give yourself time when you are going to use it for the first time, don't be in a hurry and trust it because, no matter how complicated it may seem, it will end up solving your life!

use menstrual cup for the first time

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Can I use the menstrual cup after childbirth?
Can I use the menstrual cup after childbirth?
Of course! You can use the menstrual cup after childbirth, but you should keep some recommendations in mind.
Can I use the menstrual cup without a period?
Can I use the menstrual cup without a period?
Of course you can use the menstrual cup without having your period! It is the best trick to practice calmly without havi
Can I use the menstrual cup for sports?
Can I use the menstrual cup for sports?
Using a menstrual cup for sports has changed the lives of many women. We give you all the reasons to convince you too!


  • Liliana

    ¿La primera vez que usas la copa menstrual duele?
    Hola, me gustaria que alguien respondiera mi duda plisssss

  • Crisela

    Hola yo tengo 30 años y tuve un parto x cesárea y quisiera saber q talla m correspondería?

  • Celia

    Pasarme a la copa ha sido lo mejor que he hecho este año!!! me animé a probarla durante la cuarentena y ha sido una decisión acertadísima!
    Gracias por convencerme y por vuestra labor social, sois geniales!!

  • Eva

    Hola a todas! Solo quería animaros a utilizar la copa porque es una maravilla. Este es mi primer periodo con ella y estoy sumamente satisfecha. Colocarla es más fácil de lo que pensaba y puedes estar horas sin acordarte de que te tienes que cambiar o preguntándote si te habrás manchado.
    Yo tengo mucha abundancia y he cogido la talla L y repito que estoy más que encantada. Es fácil y cómoda, no pensé que sería tan fácil hacerse a ella.

  • Marta

    Es mi primera copa menstrual y estoy encantada! Animo a todas aquellas mujeres que se lo están pensando a probarla! De verdad que la he usado en un solo ciclo y me ha resultado mucho más fácil de lo que esperaba. No puedo comparar con otras, pero me ha resultado fácil de poner y quitar (teniendo en cuenta los problemillas de novata), ninguna incomodidad ni pérdidas mientras la usaba. Yo creo que una vez la pruebas, no vuelves a querer tampones ni compresas. Me encanta este proyecto, mucha suerte chicas!

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