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Myths and lies about the menstrual cup

Myths and lies about the menstrual cup

You have probably heard many myths and lies about the menstrual cup; generally the result of insecurity and fear of evil tongues. But, far from reality, most of them are precisely the opposite of what is "said" .

In today's post we are going to demystify the most popular ones so that you can rest easy and, in the process, spread the word and help all the women around you to really know what the menstrual cup is.

It hurts a lot when you put it on

No, you should not feel pain when inserting the menstrual cup into your vagina. If this occurs, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • You are not well lubricated. It may happen that, if you insert the menstrual cup before your period, your vagina does not have enough flow and the cup does not slide inside. Our recommendation is that you wet it with water and this will make it easier to insert.
  • You are not inserting the menstrual cup correctly. You have to help yourself with one hand to open your lips wide while you insert the menstrual cup inside. The shape of each woman's vagina is different, play with the positions of your legs until you find the most suitable one. And most importantly, learn to fold it so that it does not cause discomfort.
  • You have not chosen the size of your menstrual cup correctly. This occurs more frequently in women who have chosen a size larger than their size. Remember to read the size guide carefully before purchasing yours. In our online store we have a GlupCup Pack so that, if in doubt, you can try both.

It hurts when you put on the menstrual cup

You're going to fill your hands with blood

Another very popular myth about the menstrual cup! The normal thing is to slightly stain the index fingers, middle fingers and thumb; in charge of folding, inserting and placing the glass inside you.

You will never get blood all over your hand, unless you don't control your schedule and before you know it, the cup is overflowing. When you press the base of the cup to remove it, the blood will tend to rise and leak out.

Causes vaginal infections

No, in fact it has been proven that the menstrual cup prevents vaginal infections that we were accustomed to with other methods. We always refer to menstrual cups made of 100% hypoallergenic medical silicone like GlupCup, it is the same material used by doctors to perform operations. This is the only harmless material, since there are many cups made with plastics or latex that can damage your vaginal flora.

It is also very important to maintain good hygiene when handling the menstrual cup. The same goes for cleaning the cup during and after menstruation. If you have questions, you can review our post on washing and sterilizing the menstrual cup .

The menstrual cup does not cause vaginal infections

If you are a virgin you cannot use it

This idea is totally false. Like tampons, menstrual cups can also be used before having sex. The use of a menstrual cup does not affect the natural state of your vagina or the hymen , remember that the latter can break for many reasons.

Of course, you will have to have a little more patience . Your vagina is very elastic, but the first sensations when inserting the menstrual cup may not be familiar and make you nervous. It is important that you relax, get a mirror to understand your body well and ask for help if you need it.

Interferes with contraceptive methods

As we clarified in the post " The menstrual cup is not a contraceptive method ", the menstrual cup is compatible with any contraceptive method if the appropriate precautions are taken and for this the most important thing is always to consult with your trusted gynecologist.

Special attention must be paid in cases with IUD or vaginal ring , since when removing the menstrual cup we can take the devices with us without realizing it. With the vaginal ring there is usually no problem, since it is removed during menstruation and, if removed, we can reinsert it without problem. However, with the IUD, it is important that our doctor advises us how to act or, if necessary, shorten the strings that accompany it, although they rarely coincide with the base of the cup.

Important: the menstrual cup is not a contraceptive method . Can I have sex with a menstrual cup in?

The menstrual cup does not interfere with contraceptive methods

You can't sleep or play sports with it on.

To answer this question we are going to leave you the two posts we wrote about it, but we already told you that you can sleep and play sports with the menstrual cup on without problems!

    It's going to get stuck and it's going to get lost inside you.

    This is not only a lie, but it is impossible! The menstrual cup always comes out and it is impossible for it to get lost inside you. In this post we give you the explanation and a few tips: Can the menstrual cup stay inside?

    When you walk it is noticeable and annoying

    As we said in the first point, if you walk and the cup bothers you, it is because you have not done something well during the insertion process or because it is not the right size for you. If this is the case, go to a bathroom and put it back in and if you are embarrassed, here are a few tips for changing your menstrual cup in a public bathroom .

    The solution may be to cut the corner of the cup if you have a very low cervix, so you will stop noticing it on the inner and outer lips.

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    Can't pee/poop with it on

    This myth is mainly due to ignorance. Women have three orifices: urethra, vulva and anus . This means that menstruation, urine and feces are expelled through different orifices. Try finding them with the help of a mirror!

    If we wear the menstrual cup and want to go to the bathroom to pee or poop, we can do it perfectly without having to remove the cup . Of course, when pooping you have to be careful: if we make too much effort and push too much, the vaginal walls will also contract and the cup will go down a little (it won't come out!), so check its placement again when you finish.

    In summary...

    And like every lie, there is a truth. Yes, the menstrual cup is not going to eliminate the pain you feel during menstruation or the side effects that hormones have on you. You will continue to notice mood swings, anxiety, excitement, laziness... but whatever method you use, the rule is what it is.

    Of course, by using the menstrual cup you will be taking care of the pH of your vagina like you have never done before. Goodbye to dryness, irritations, bad smell. Switch to the menstrual cup and find out for yourself!

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      Do you dare to switch to the menstrual cup?



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      How many years does the menstrual cup last?
      How many years does the menstrual cup last?
      The menstrual cup lasts up to 10 years! We give you the best tricks to be able to use it for so long.
      Can I sleep with the menstrual cup in?
      Can I sleep with the menstrual cup in?
      Yes, you can sleep with the menstrual cup in without worries. It adapts perfectly to your vaginal walls!
      Can the menstrual cup stay inside?
      Can the menstrual cup stay inside?
      No, your menstrual cup cannot stay inside you and disappear. It is impossible! We tell you how to prevent it from gettin


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